Accessibility Day

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Today, the biggest hurdle standing in the way of people with limited mobility getting out and about is a lack of information. For this reason, Jaccede, Jaccede a non-profit organization that strives for an accessible world, has created an interactive, collaborative guide, online and on your smartphone, that gives all the information we need to answer one crucial question: ‘according to my mobility, which places can I access?’

With the ‘MappED!’ project, Jaccede is applying their accessibility expertise so that the ‘MappED! Platform can give detailed information such as: ‘Is there a step at the entrance? Is there an audio version of the menu? Are the toilets on the ground floor?’ etc.

Users of the guide, who may or may not have a disability, who may be old or young, or who may be business owners themselves, gather the information that goes onto the guide. There’s a place for everyone in the accessibility rights movement!

In order to raise public awareness around the issue of accessibility and the existence of the guide, and to create socially diverse opportunities, Jaccede launched the Accessibility Days.

How to organize an Accessibility Day Handbook